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I am a thoughtful communicator and content writer with over 6 years of experience. Based in downtown Toronto, my desire is to help organizations discover and tell their unique and human story to the world.

Having worked as a marketing coordinator for several brands, I have honed my skills to be able to engage audiences strategically across various touchpoints. I specialize in writing B2B and B2C-focused content and have a working knowledge of SEO, HTML, WordPress, and MailChimp. I also have a knack for curating social media and forging relationships with influential marketers online. More recently I have also been dabbling in photography and design work for brands.

Having worked as a public school teacher, I am a confident presenter and a natural group leader able to help direct projects to completion, and I am well-versed in time management and meeting tight deadlines. In my spare time, I’m often reading, blogging, or working out to video game music at the gym.

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Business Blogging


HeyOrca is a SaaS company that provides a social media management solution optimized for agencies, saving them hours a week on social media planning. Our content strategy was focused towards creating tactical content for agency social media managers and agency owners, helping them create better content and streamline agency operations.
The Complete Guide to Marketing with Stories and Live Video How to Excel at Client Onboarding – a Guide for Agencies

Project X Ltd.

Project X Ltd. is a data & analytics company specializing in MicroStrategy data visualization, Big Data solutions and Location Analytics. Our content strategy was geared towards decision makers at brands and career hunters, with content related to advents in data analytics and careers in the field.

Weather, Consumer Behaviour and “The Profit of One Degree”
Weathering the storm: Insurance and weather analytics

Social Media

Whether managing social media for a brand or for my personal accounts, I always emphasize that the “social” component is more important than the media. I love being creative and trying to make an impact around trending topics, and make a point to get to know people onine, particularly on Twitter. Tagging someone I don’t know but want to spread the love to through their content, only to have them become a new friend / follower, is a joy to me.

WoodGreen Community Services




Every month WoodGreen Community Services sends out a newsletter to a mailing list of 1500 employees, stakeholders, and donors. While working at WoodGreen I worked with my manager to choose the stories to highlight for the month, wrote the copy and sent the newsletter out through MailChimp.


While working at WoodGreen Community Services I was encouraged to design collateral and social media cards within WoodGreen brand guidelines using both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Below you can see some of the results of my work.


I enjoy talking to people who are passionate about what they do, both in person and remote. My interviews help readers get to the heart of my subjects’ journies, and provide actionable advice for marketers and creatives.
Jeff Renoe on Content Marketing and Fractured Minds – HeyOrca! The When and Why of Social Media Audits – Erika Heald – HeyOrca!

Case Studies

These business case studies were the result of interviews I conducted with HeyOrca customers. Each of them has a different focus, highlighting the challenges and successes of two very different types businesses.
J Squared Communications Success Story – HeyOrca! Vintage Wine Estates Success Story – HeyOrca!


It was my pleasure to have contributed to HeyOrca‘s social media handbook for digital marketers. I wrote a chunk of the tactical sections, and was a prmary editor of the entire eBook.

Press Releases

My time at Project X Ltd. ushered in a host of new product releases and upgrades. I wrote a handful of press releases for these events on MarketWired, resulting in valuable media impressions for the company.

Branding and Brand Guide

When I started as a Marketing Coordinator at Project X Ltd., they had no documented brand or visual identity. I workshopped with the company leadership to identify the company’s Mission, Vision and Values, and translated those qualities into brand guidelines that are still followed today.


During my time at Project X Ltd., the company needed updated promotional and product walkthrough videos. While some were outsourced, I created some for the company myself from start to finish. For each video I wrote a script, screenrecorded myself using the product, audio recording myself doing the voiceover, edited using Adobe Premiere, added subtitles and published to YouTube.

Entertainment Blogging

These are blogs I write for fun in my spare time, on the subject of anything nerdy! Highlighted here are pieces from my personal blog, Nerd Speaker (on which this portfolio is hosted), as well as a site I regularly contribute to, Rogues Portal. There’s also a piece I wrote for the BuzzFeed community that made it onto the front page of the main BuzzFeed site!
Mindfulness and gaming: the monk classOn Mindfulness and Gaming: Why I Main the Monk Class – Nerd Speaker Cranky Kong Adulting Gaming Tips#Adulting: 10 Hacks to Tear Through Your Gaming Backlog – Nerd Speaker
Super Mario Bros. 3 BannerZen and the Art of Super Mario Bros. 3 Speedrunning – Nerd Speaker highlight selfie explosion self-destructGonna Save the World, but First, Let Me Take a #Selfie – Nerd Speaker
My First Crush: Sailor Mercury Made My Emotions Bubble – Rogues Portal Celeste – Nintendo Switch Review – Rogues Portal
Super Mario Bros Anime Toads Terrifying8 Reasons to Watch the Super Mario Bros. Anime – Rogues Portal 20 Times Peridot From “Steven Universe” Was Our Favorite Gem – BuzzFeed Community