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Published April 27, 2018

Hello again, children of Andraste!

At the time of posting this, I have completed my inquisition! It was fun, I made so many friends, killed so many demons and dragons. Good times.

I decided to split the remainder of my inquisition photojournal into two more posts, so here’s part 2 of 3! Click here for part 1 if you missed it.

How do my scenarios and decisions reflect or differ from your own? Please share in the comments!

Enjoy the journey, and Praise the Maker!

Let’s start off with emo Jeowulf.

Thom Ranier has a reckoning. I continued to let him serve, though!

Solas says Hi and Bye to a friend.

Oof, Daniel, you’re not looking too hot!

… and then, an OUTRAGE!

… but before I can deal with that, I have to help Cullen say “No” to drugs.

En Guarde! I use my swordplay and my spyplay.

True love wins the day!

It’s true – you were the one. After Sera. Who was only into women.

Cullen is free of lyrium and free of the past.

Vivienne didn’t like me much, but I still helped her try to save her husband.

… and for my next trick!

Cassandra, you’re good people.

Me too.

My crew. With friends at your side, you can kill any archdemon!

Andraste, I hope it’s not mine… I pissed my pants before this battle started.

K. Bye, Felicia.

Sure, mess with a magic well with unknown properties. Seems legit.

I solve puzzles good.

Mmm… not so sure about that, Samson.

Have fun with that Morrigan, not touching it with a 20-foot pole.

Well good for you.

It seems drinking from the well had consequences. SOAP OPERA consequences!

Told ya.

See, Leliana, this is why I backed Cassandra for Divine.

But what will I do without the sass, Dorian? The SASS!

Um. Hey now. You can shove your stereotypes in a sack, mister.

Fuck, tell me about it, bro.


Nice one, Thom. Erm, do they come in adult dwarf sizes?

You’re the reason I’m saving Thedas <3

I… what!? I almost died!? Are you nuts!?

Dwarfy DLC time. My peeps.

SPOILER: You’ll be joining them soon, Renn.

Was it singing Nirvana? Or Blink 182?

There always has to be a golem, doesn’t there?

M’kay Valta, cool… I’m just… gonna go back to the surface now. Have fun with rocks.

Want to see more dragon age photos?

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