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Published February 14, 2018

Love is in the air, Nostalgia Trigger – I’m looking at you. 😍

Seductive Tingle by Emilia Talamantes
Seductive Tingle by Emilia Talamantes on Drawception

Leave it to Adventure Rules to come up with a fun and timely community project for Valentine’s Day – I was Secret Santa style matched up with Geddy of Nostalgia Trigger to talk about his blog and why I love it. There’s a lot to love.

First of all, we’re approximately the same age, which means our nostalgia is very similar. His reminiscence of the feeling of going to Toys R’ Us as a kid hit me right in the feels. It was a mecca of childhood, and his description of Toys R’ Us as a colourful shrine to all things good brought me back to the good old days where I’d ride my bike there to buy a new game with my allowance money. When you visited the video game ticket aisle, the pure adrenaline of taking the ticket to the counter to claim a prize was an absolute joy. I remember Nano Baby very well, good sir.

Another thing you have to love about Geddy is he’s not afraid to talk about games he doesn’t like, such as in his “Most Disappointing Games I Played in 2017” post – but at the same time offers thoughtful insight into how those games missed the mark. That’s Geddy to a T – thoughtful. I feel you on Spirit Tracks, man – 10/10 would not train again.

I think what we also love about Geddy is how open he is with his personal life. Unlike that rascal The Well-Red Mage I feel like I actually know something about this guy! I just got to reading Geddy’s post on how people should view gaming as a hobby rather than a lifestyle, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s more to life than gaming – and when any hobby starts to feel like a chore, it’s definitely time to step back and start pursuing other activities – the gym, reading, a new hobby – anything! If you’re so burned out on gaming that you don’t even enjoy it anymore, what’s the point?

We were all a little sad when Geddy disappeared to get married (that bum), but even then he treated us to a wonderful post on his wedding and honeymoon that made us all a little jealous (and left me wanting to go to Thailand).

At the end of the day, Geddy is just a stand up guy. He’s always there to offer words of encouragement in the comments of other blogs, and on Discord and Twitter. He also recently got into streaming on Twitch – I haven’t viewed his streams yet but I can only image they’re “lit” and “woke.”

Nostalgia Trigger recently hit 1000 WordPress likes, and no one deserves it more. In an age where everyone has their “trigger,” the only trigger I need is for some nostalgia. Kudos, Geddy – and Happy Valentine’s!

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  1. What a wonderful project idea! It’s so weird how some blogger buddies I know their name, address, pets, etc. (cause I’m a creeper D:), while others are total mysteries, but I still care about them all! I’m generally cautious when it comes to revealing my location online, but I’m okay with my WP peeps knowing it, but I understand people who aren’t comfortable with that. It’s been amazing connecting with people from all different demographics and age groups over games. And I agree with you in terms of not spending time on a game just for the fact that it is a game. I have that as a problem, because I want to complete things/see them through. It’s similar with books. I’m learning to declare things DNF if they no longer hold my interest, because there are way too many things that will keep me interested.

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