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Published December 9, 2017

Hello, you nerdy nellies! Did you know that the Super Mario Bros. anime is a thing? Neither did I until recently!

To push myself to write more, I will now be contributing occasionally to Rogues Portal.¬†They’re an amazing nerdy site devoted to comics, film, tv, anime, cartoons, games, and anything else geeky – be sure to check them out and follow them!

I will try to update my blog every time I have a new feature come out there. Here’s my first post for the site – I hope you enjoy it!

8 Reasons to Watch the Super Mario Bros. Anime


  1. There’s a new Mario film along the way too, I believe. It’s just as well game to movie adaptations have such a glorious history of success.

  2. I need to add this to my YouTube watch list RIGHT NOW. I actually like the animation aesthetic, and the weirdness factor is just a bonus lol.

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