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Published July 27, 2017

What makes a successful comic strip? In my mind, it not only entertains, but it also provides relatable slice of life moments. I mean, who doesn’t relate to the one-off quips of little Billy from Family Circus? Or the philosophical meandering of Calvin and Hobbes?

With the advent of the “World Wide Web,” niche comics that otherwise wouldn’t be in a mainstream publication pop up all the time. Known as webcomics, many of us know some of the more famous ones like Dinosaur Comics, Hark a Vagrant or XKCD. However, one ongoing webcomic that is too cute to bear and I feel like I truly relate to is Our Super Adventure by Sarah Graley.

Our Super Adventure Sarah Graley Video Games Stupid Names

This wonderful webcomic is the autobiographical day-to-day adventures of Sarah Graley and her partner Stef. These 20-something wonderful Brits have what seems like a thousand cats and also an amazing sense of humor. The comics are all four-panel and very much slice of life; Sarah chooses fun little episodes from her couple-life and turns them into comedy gold.

The uncanny thing is, being British and artists aside, I can’t help but see myself and my own partner in these comics. Sarah and Stef are, apparently, unabashedly nerdy and goofy, have no filter, and love to make corny jokes to each other than often involve butts and farts. Also they love cats. I can’t help but feel that they are mine and my partner’s British dopplegangers. Seriously, some of the actions and conversations between Sarah and Stef are so similar to ours, it’s eerie.

Our Super Adventure Sarah Graley All My Fart

The art style is wonderful and cute, which is very appropriate for the charming and intimate moments Sarah shares. Whether in bed and snuggling with a bunch of cats, playing video games, or out for a walk in the park, the adventure from Our Super Adventure is that of a loving relationship. The tone is light and Sarah doesn’t generally delve into the more serious aspects of being in a relationship – and I’m okay with that. There are other webcomics for that, such as the now-finished Octopus Pie, but I keep coming back again and again to Our Super Adventure for levity. For some the tone of this webcomic might be too schmaltzy, but hey, with all the wrongness going on in the world, I’ll take all the schmaltz I can get!

Our Super Adventure Sarah Graley moat eels security

It’s great to see creative series with characters who are unabashedly dorky, but are also more honest than the Big Bang Theory‘s of the world. While there are plenty of safe spaces for dorks these days (hey Internet), it’s still great to see a representational work that helps normalize “weird” couples. So often I hear people say that my own partner and I “speak our own language,” which from their point-of-view is true. So it’s liberating to find a comic like this with proud dorks who we can relate to on what feels like a personal level.

It’s also been fun watching Sarah’s art style evolve over the course of the webcomic, and clearly others have noticed how amazing Sarah Graley’s cute and evocative art style is. She’s been working on other comic book series for Oni Press including a Rick and Morty spinoff starring Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole called Mr. Poopy Superstar, and an original miniseries called Kim Reaper. She also has an original comic called Pizza Witch available on her online store, and of course, a collected edition of Our Super Adventure.

Our Super Adventure Sarah Graley walking tired legs

So if you like weird people, and cute couples, you should check our Our Super Adventure, which updates every week or two. Fair warning: you may want to own several cats after reading – I will take no responsibility for your feline fetishes.

Do you have a favourite webcomic? Be sure to share in the comments. Also be sure to follow Sarah Graley on Facebook and Twitter for comic updates and generally cheerful posts. If you want to hear about other nerdy and fun things, you should also consider following Nerd Speaker on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. These are amazing! I have read a handful of Our Superstar Adventure comics, shared with me in some post collecting delightful webcomics for some reason or another. I’m pretty excited to know what the comics came from! Thanks for sharing. I off to spend a lot of time reading these instead of being productive!

    Before I go, I guess I’ll share a webcomic too. My absolute favorite webcomic (probably one of my favorite comics of all time, really) is Rice Boy. This adorable comic follows a strange little creature named Rice Boy as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and world-saving, following a proficiency brought to him by a robotic man with a TV for a head.(I don’t read as many simple narrative comics as I do complex narrative ones)

    A few years ago, I would have said that my favorite webcomic was Homestuck because of its multi-modal storytelling. I still love this comic, so I felt like it needed a shoutout, but it’s dropped on my list of favorites because the story has wandered off enough that I keep losing the trail of it. Regardless, this is a pretty interesting comic, especially when considering the various shapes that it takes and all of the ways that it uses different forms of literacy and digital literacy (the teacher in me might love this comic more than the story lover in me…).

    • Thanks for sharing! I have tried to get into Rice Boy but it didn’t really do it for me for some reason. Have you tried Cucumber Quest? That one was great, but I kind of fell off similarly because it kind of dragged on a bit. Another current one that I love is Camp Weedonwantcha, by Katie Rice. All the feels.

  2. Wow, this comic looks pretty funny. I love that it’s an adaptation of Sarah and Stef’s life as co-workers and I always talk about no funny out day to day life would be.


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