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Published June 22, 2017

Today’s blog is all about how preconceived notions of what a game is, particularly based on early and leaked footage, can be completely shattered when more information is finally revealed. Mario + Rabbids was leaked with limited information almost a year ago, to mostly negative response. Then the trailer finally came out at E3 and people lost their minds. Concepts and footage may seem weird, but it’s important to give games a chance so creativity can thrive!

I have published this entertaining and juicy blog over at Give it a read!


  1. I barely engage with a game’s promotional materials because I go into them wanting to develop as organic an opinion as possible. As a result, I’d never even heard of Mario + Rabbids until it was officially announced. In either case, I think a lot of independent critics have trouble moving from their first impressions – whether it’s from leaks or promotional materials. If this game turns out to be good, it shows why judging works based on first impressions is a bad idea.

    • Plus they’re like movie trailers these days and they just keep revealing more and more footage to the point where you’ll see all the good parts before you even play the damn thing.

      • No kidding. Game marketing and hype are dangerous these days, both for spoilers, and in making your expectations soar way higher or lower than they should be when going into a new experience. Hard to be objective based on what you learned or felt ahead of release.

    • Absolutely. Too often when you judge a game from a first impression, that feeling will linger with you no matter how different the game turns out to be. Works the other way too – people defend all sorts of games that maybe aren’t the best, simply because in their hearts they wanted it to be good 🙂

  2. “Concepts and footage may seem weird, but it’s important to give games a chance so creativity can thrive!” Fully agreed there. A lot of gamers freak out if something doesn’t meet with their expectations, but change and innovation is a great thing.

    • Absolutely, so calm the fudge down, and wait for the full product to be revealed to make a proper assessment if it’s right for you. Also, another novel idea is not shitting all over something that other people like even if it’s not your cup of tea 🙂

      • It’s an era of rage and bratty behaviour. Something announced isn’t 100% what one individual expects and it’s: “I wanted this this and this and this, because I’m me and it’s all about ME!! NOOBS!!!!”

        Cup of tea? Please.

  3. It was definitely pretty moving stuff seeing the creative director for Mario+Rabbids start tearing up when Miyamoto complimented his work. I’m a developer by trade and I totally understand the stress and mania that goes on behind the scenes (as in, in your head!)

    Miyamoto is probably, in his mind, one of the biggest idols to aspire to, and hearing praise from him must have felt just incredible.

    People forget that behind every game is years of hard work by regular people just like themselves. Folks love to hate on the big corporations for their big business decisions, DLC, console-exclusivity and all that, but the suits aren’t the ones working late nights for months and years to make that game come to life.

    Nice post! 😀

    • Thanks Geddy! It’s easy to forget how stressful the process of game making can be, and I’ve never even experienced it. I can only imagine how tough it is too, knowing that you are competing with so many others for a limited amount of people’s spending money. Not every game will be amazing, unfortunately, but at least reserve judgement till you have the whole picture and not just a limited view.

  4. I am so guilty of being the guy who said “this is stupid, who in the world wants this game, why would anyone play this?” As soon as I saw gameplay I was sold instantly. I definitely will be more careful in the future, not only because of my shift in opinion but also because of seeing how much the developer cares about his project. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game come August!

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