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Published May 28, 2017


Greetings fellow Nerdy Nellies!

I am happy to report that I have partnered up with The Well-Red Mage to become a part of his cadre of magi. Over there I am known as The Spoony Bard Mage, and you can expect to see me write for his fantabulous blog from time to time.

Spoony Bard The Well-Red Mage Jay Borenstein

First up – a retro review of one of my favorite childhood NES games, Batman: The Video Game (1989). Loosely based on the Batman movie from the same year, this game is fun, appropriately dark, but also insanely difficult. Be sure to read the review over at The Well-Red Mage!


  1. I saw your review on Mr. Mage’s site! I’m actually doing my first playthrough of FFIV now, haha. I’m almost ready to take on Dark Bahamut 🙂

    • That game is great, but VI is my favourite from the SNES era. Never did finish V…

        • It has an amazing story and so many fantastic characters. Lots of secrets too – so keep your eyes peeled.

          • Almost everyone keeps telling me that! 🙂

          • The danger here is building up impossible expectations that are too high for any game. I’m not sure what you can do about that other then mentally going in prepped to just experience the game in real time, with its iconic status as far away from your thinking as possible.

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