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Published July 22, 2014

Thank you to my blogger pal Mike of The Blog of Thog for this guest post on Cards Against Humanity. I’ll be off the blogosphere for a while, catch you all in a few weeks!

Cards Against Humanity is a horrible game. Anyone in their right mind should not play this game, not for a moment.

If you’re not in your right mind, however, read on. It’s awesome.

Cards Against Humanity is a card game for three or more players, with a really simple premise. You have two types of cards – black question cards, and white answer cards. Each person takes a turn to be the “Card Czar” and draws a black card. They ask the question on the card, for example “What’s the new fad diet?” and the other players have to put forward one of their white cards as an answer to the question. And when everyone has put forward a white card, the Card Czar reads them out, and gives the funniest one the black card. Everyone who put forward a white card draws a new white card (people always have ten white cards) and the next person becomes the Card Czar.

But the game really depends on you and your friends having a, shall we say, questionable sense of humour. If we take the example question, “What’s the new fad diet?”, some of the questions that come back could include:

“Authentic mexican cuisine”

And I’ve kept extremely polite in the possible answers above, some of them really do go into being potentially offensive – but that all depends on the people playing it.

Cards Against Humanity is a beautifully simple game. I love came games and board games, but the complexity of them often frustrates me, even supposedly simple games can have so many stages or rules, or exceptions to rules, that it can take some work understanding how to play, and you really can just jump into Cards Against Humanity and within a couple of minutes you’re suggesting that your best friend drinks to forget Sean Connery.

If you are of a legal drinking age, then it is fair to say that a drop or two of alcohol won’t hurt the game, in fact it’ll probably improve it somewhat, but I have played it sober and it is still brilliant fun.

Find out more about the game at – you can buy a set (there are different sets available for US, Canadian, and UK players) or even print it out for free. There are stacks of fan translations into other languages too, even Pirate!

So try Cards Against Humanity.

If you and your friends aren’t easily offended, that is!

Mike, when not drinking to forget Sean Connery, blogs over at and produces mediocre quality videos at

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  1. I feel like this game is ok. Your review is good though. Certainly better party games out there but if you want an adult Apples to Apples this I the best there is.

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