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Published June 3, 2014

I certainly won’t be feeding penguins anytime soon after watching this extraordinarily trippy short animation by the French animator Alenka Krizenecky. I knew I was in for a treat when a maki roll in the film had a mayonnaise poop and then flashed a maniacal grin. Krizenecky describes her wicked film thus:

“Jo is an employee at a 24/7 Asian food court. On this particular night, while business is slow, he kills time by eating. When a maki he is about to eat warns him about a penguin, he turns slightly paranoid.”

That’s an understatement. You can feel the florescent light in the food court burning into your retinas. I enjoyed the way Krizenecky plays with perspective and skewing the characters proportions, creating a surreal environment not unlike Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The sketchy quality of the animation is suggestive of an unfinished drawing which can be erased and recreated at a moment’s notice, and this works well with the various hallucinations Jo experiences in his hyper exhausted sushi state. A psychotic masterpiece!

Nerd Speaker loves finding new short animation pieces to watch! Feel free to suggest your favourites in the comment section.

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