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Published May 27, 2014

Yesterday The Hillywood Show released a Doctor Who parody to the awesome level of Face of Boe. Known for their Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hobbit parodies, Hilly and Hannah Hindi are a tour de force of the internet who create parodies of pop-culture franchises set to popular music, among other internet shenanigans. This dynamic duo spares no expense with their parodies; their production values are always top-notch and their latest Doctor Who video is no exception, with an entire cast of dancing characters from across the Doctor Who spectrum, amazingly life-like looking daleks commanding you to “jump to the left,” and a voice actor who sounds eerily very much like the real David Tennant.

This video features the tenth doctor (played by Hilly) and all his companions, and I had a good chuckle over the liberal interpretation of the Time Warp lyrics and Rose’s runny makeup while she pines over the doctor, “Can you see me? No not at all.” Hannah plays an amazing Donna Noble, referencing the timeless bit where the doctor and Donna mime to each other through a window. If you’re a Who fan, definitely check this out. If you’re not, well, get started!

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